Do I Need A WDI Report Before Buying A Home In San Mateo?

Wall basement damaged by termites

San Mateo is a wonderful place to live. Residents living here enjoy constant sunshine and are only a short drive from the excitement of the bustling city of San Francisco. However, one thing that homeowners need to be aware of is the prevalence of wood-destroying insects that pose serious risks to properties across San Mateo. When buying a home here, it is essential to obtain a wood-destroying insect report before making a decision to purchase a home. 

What Is A Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection Report?  

In San Mateo, there are various types of wood-destroying pests that can cause property damage. While these pests do not pose health risks through the spread of disease or painful stings, they are potentially even more dangerous and destructive. An infestation of wood-destroying insects, such as termites, can cause severe structural damage to properties if left untreated and can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.   

Frequent wood-destroying insects that invade San Mateo properties include: 

  • Termites 
  • Carpenter bees 
  • Carpenter ants 
  • Wood-boring beetles 

Feel free to reach out to the team of experts at Pacific Pest Management for more information on these dangerous pests and how to keep your home safe. 

A wood destroying inspection report consists of a detailed visual inspection of a property by a licensed and certified pest control technician. An inspector will thoroughly examine the walls, ceilings, doorways, and all other structural parts of the property, both on the interior and the exterior. 

Inspectors will pay special attention to frequent hot spots for wood-destroying insect activity such as wooden porches or decks, doorframes, and attics. They will then write a report detailing the presence or absence of wood-destroying insect activity on a property.  

What Does A WDI Inspector Look For?  

A WDI inspector will examine and search for evidence of insect activity such as property damage, dead insects, active insect sightings, or nesting areas. This will include looking under any carpets or rugs to examine the floors underneath, making it essential to prepare for an inspection. In addition to current pest activity, inspectors will search for evidence of past wood-destroying insect activity as well as the likelihood of future infestations.  

Is It Necessary To Get A WDI Report Before Buying A Home?  

While it is always recommended for prospective homebuyers in any location, obtaining a WDI report is essential before purchasing a home in San Mateo. The abundance of wood-destroying insects present in San Mateo makes these reports invaluable tools when searching for a home. Buying a home without a reputable WDI report can lead to enormous financial burdens down the line from an undetected infestation. Wood destroying insects cause an estimated five billion dollars in property damage annually in the United States.  

How Do I Schedule A Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection?  

Although wood-destroying insects are severe threats to homeowners and their properties, it is incredibly easy to schedule an inspection. Pacific Pest Management, a local San Mateo pest control company, is here to help current and future homeowners by conducting WDI inspections and providing other essential pest control services

Pacific Pest Management, a local San Mateo pest control company, has been serving the communities of San Mateo and the surrounding areas for over seventeen years. Our expert team of certified pest technicians has experience dealing with a wide variety of invasive pests that trouble homeowners, including termites and other wood-destroying insects. Whether you are buying a home, selling, or would just like to have your home inspected, Pacific Pest Management will provide you with an accurate and thorough WDI report. Reach out to us today to schedule your inspection. We provide a superior customer service experience and offer free estimates on our services.