How To Keep Wasps Away From Your San Mateo Yard

Wasp nest in a tree

The San Mateo pest control experts at Pacific Pest Management have a secret we’d like to share regarding wasp control: you don’t have to do it alone! There are several types of wasps in San Mateo. The mud dauber wasp, yellow jacket, and paper wasp are all wasps that can pack a sting if you get too close to their nests. Wasps are at their peak population during the late summer and early fall months. Often, their provisions become scarce during this time, and they are more likely to hang around humans in search of something to eat.

How To Identify A Wasp

Wasps are unique from other stinging insects because they have sleek segmented bodies. However, they don’t all look the same, and you can tell a certain species by its aggressive behavior.

  • The mud dauber wasp, also known as a mud wasp, is dark grey and builds its nests out of the mud.
  • The paper wasp comes in shades of amber, yellow, and black. The nests they build resemble papier-mâché.
  • The most notorious species is a black and yellow wasp known as the yellow jacket. These wasps are brightly colored and highly aggressive.

Wasp control in San Mateo is essential to reduce the number of sting incidents in the area. Wasps can sting multiple times, and they will even chase you if they feel threatened. Venom from a wasp can produce an immune response for up to two weeks after the event. Some people get sick, and some may develop allergic reactions. If you’ve been stung by a wasp, seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist.

Why You Don’t Want Wasps Hanging Around Your Yard

Wasps are territorial, and when they find a food source and proper shelter, they don’t vacate the area quickly. Mud daubers are known to be pretty passive, but even they can sting! Yellow jackets, in particular, can be a nuisance as the summer months roll along into autumn. They feed on sugars, and nothing is more alluring than fermented sugars, often found hanging in the sunlight in your hummingbird feeder or the dumpster of a picnic site. These pests will push out other insects and animals for a chance for good food; yellow jackets can take over gopher holes and other wasp nests. Stinging insects are venomous and can deliver painful stings, so don’t take a chance on letting them hang around your yard.

Five Eco-Friendly Wasp Prevention Tips For Your Yard

You can do a few things if you want to prevent wasps from hanging around your yard. These tips work great for prevention but should not be used as elimination techniques. Call your local pest control professional if you have a current wasp problem.

Five eco-friendly wasp prevention tips for your yard:

  1. Put up a wasp nest decoy. Wasps will not build their nest within 100 feet of another wasp.
  2. Spray warm water and soap in places wasps have nested before or you think it might make a good wasp nest spot.
  3. Do the same thing with peppermint oil. Wasps build their nests under gutters and porches and in trees and stumps.
  4. Put out a wasp trap. There are some decorative wasp traps online, and all they require is a little sugar water. You can also make one yourself or pick one up at your local hardware store.
  5. Wasps are attracted to sugars. Secure any exposed garbage cans and agitate open compost piles periodically.

Wasps are nature’s waste management team, they are part of our environment, and we couldn’t live without them. However, they are dangerous stinging insects that will gladly take over an old stump and attack people without too much consideration. Preventing such an event is one of our priorities at Pacific Pest Management. Don’t face these pests alone if you need wasp prevention or treatment; call the experts. We are the best way to get rid of a wasp nest and the best solution for all your pest control needs.

The Secret To Total Wasp Control For Your Yard

The secret to total wasp control is a combination of prevention and treatment. You can treat your yard for pests before outdoor events and when you have a wasp problem, and you can save yourself a lot of time dealing with issues if you work on prevention. Pacific Pest Management has nearly two decades years of experience in the pest control industry. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner for all of our customers. Call us today for reliable, effective pest control for your home or business.