San Mateo Homeowners' Guide To Total Ant Control

Carpenter ant crawling and chewing wood

Ants can invade a home out of seemingly nowhere. At first, you don’t have them, and then out of seemingly nowhere, there’s a line marching to your trash can. Homeowners might not think about ant control until they have a problem, but it pays to be diligent about San Mateo pest control. Pacific Pest Management provides total ant control in San Mateo, and we know everything you need to know about these all-too-common pests.

The Life Cycle Of Common Ants

There are several species of ants out there in the great wide world. Some ants, like Pharaoh ants, have a lifespan of one year. Other species, however, like black garden ants can live up to four years, and fire ants can stick around for up to seven years. They experience a metamorphosis as most insects do. They are laid as eggs, hatch into larvae, go into a pupa, and then come out as an adult. The process from egg to adult takes anywhere from two weeks to 60 days, depending on the ant.

The Many Problems Ants Can Create In Your Home

Ants cause problems everywhere they go. They are hardly a considerate houseguest, and they will take over a yard so aggressively it becomes unusable. Ant control in your house as prevention is just as important as it is outside. Ants are burrowing creatures seeking moisture, food resources, and shelter from extreme weather. Inside your home, ants can cause problems throughout your entire house, not only in the kitchen.

The problems ants can create in your home include:

  • They spread bacteria. Unlike other pests, ants don’t harbor disease in their DNA, but they do track around pathogens like salmonella, E. coli, C. difficile, and staphylococcus.
  • Ants will burrow into exposed and degrading wood. If left untreated, some colonies will take up the entire space between walls.  
  • They may cause structural trouble if a colony has built its nest near the foundation of your home, walkways, or driveway.
  • Many ants produce an offensive odor. They secrete formic acid to help them burrow through tough wood, and it has an unpleasant smell.
  • Some ants will set up base in electrical housings, air conditioners, and other dry, secure devices.
  • Some species are drawn to the electrical wiring in your home and, over time, can cause damage to appliances and outlets.

Ants aren’t like termites in the way they destroy property; however, they can still cause a lot of fuss around the house. Fire ants will attack people with their stingers if you take one wrong step. Pavement ants can cause trouble for sidewalks and foundations. Pharaoh ants are one of the biggest spreaders of diseases in care facilities. These pests are everywhere, so to avoid some headaches and unwanted roommates, look into ant prevention before you need treatment, and it’ll help you control the population around your home. Pest control is an ongoing maintenance process, and it doesn’t have to always involve harsh chemicals.

Five Naturally Effective Ant Prevention Tips

Organic ant control for your home can be achieved by using pantry items and your actions. Making it so ants are not attracted to your yard will help cut down on the possibility that you’ll suddenly have an ant infestation. Five natural ant prevention tips:

  1. Eliminate standing water. Ants eat mosquitoes, if you keep your mosquito population down there will be fewer ants.
  2. Ensure that all spills and crumbs are thoroughly cleaned up, including behind and under appliances.
  3. Repair torn mesh screens and worn weatherstripping around your doors and windows.
  4. Seal off potential access points that ants could use to enter your home.
  5. Regularly mow your lawn and hose down paved areas to discourage anthills.

If you already have an ant infestation, prevention tips aren't enough to handle the problem. Call in the professionals for home pest control for ants that will solve your ant problem for good.

Professional Ant Control Is The Way To Go For San Mateo Homes

If you have a current problem with ants or want other options to control ants in your home, call the pest control professionals in the Bay Area. Pacific Pest Management has the solutions you need to all your pest control problems and the experience to restore your peace of mind.