Answering Your Commonly Asked Questions About Pigeons In San Mateo

Walking pigeon

Most people don't think of pigeons as pets; instead, they think of them as filthy birds that live and feed in gutters. Pigeons seem to be anywhere there is a gathering of people. If you have pigeons on your San Mateo property, you need Pacific Pest Management because we are the San Mateo pest control service.

Are A Pigeon And A Dove The Same Thing?

Descending from the wild rock dove, pigeons and doves are in the taxonomic family of Columbidae, and they share many of the same features such as:

  • Thick, rounded bodies
  • Small, round heads
  • Short necks
  • Thin beaks
  • Short legs
  • Tapered wings

In addition to similar features, pigeons and doves have the same nesting and parenting behaviors. The difference between doves and pigeons is their overall size: doves tend to be smaller while pigeons are larger.

What Do Pigeons Like To Eat?

There is a difference between wild and domestic pigeons. Although wild pigeons and doves share the same diet of seeds, insects, vegetation, and fruit, domestic pigeons have developed a different diet.

Pigeons, even wild ones, will eat anything if they are hungry; thus, when wild pigeons settle into an urban environment where there is a limitation of readily available seeds, fruit, and vegetation, they resort to eating a different diet. Domestic pigeons will eat meat, bread, fish, chocolates, sweets, and anything a human will toss at them or that they can find in the garbage.

Are Pigeons Intelligent?

Many people wonder: are pigeons dumb? Although pigeons appear to be nothing more than winged, mindless rats, they are intelligent and trainable. Based on studies conducted since World War 2, pigeons can do the following: 

  • Make choices
  • Gain knowledge
  • Recognize other pigeons
  • Multi-task
  • Remember locations 

Studies have shown that pigeons can calculate the time it takes to fly a certain distance, recognize the letters of the alphabet, and understand spoken words. Despite how they act, pigeons are not dumb. 

How Can I Make The Pigeons Loitering On My Property Go Away For Good?

Whether one appreciates the intellectual capabilities of pigeons or not, most of us want to get rid of pigeons on our San Mateo property. They enjoy loitering on the roofs of buildings, nesting inside of buildings, and strutting around on sidewalks waiting to be fed. As they loiter, they defecate, leaving slippery, smelly droppings everywhere. In addition to the droppings, they make loud sounds and can be carriers for bacterial and fungal infections.

There are several options for removing pigeons from your roof such as:

  • Installing bird spikes
  • Setting up a scarecrow
  • Scattering bird repellant 

The first two options (bird spikes and scarecrow) require little attention once installed; however, you will need to make repeated applications of the bird repellant due to deterioration from rain and wind. These steps will eventually stop pigeons from loitering on the roof of your home or building.

Pigeons on the roof are bad, but the annoyance factor goes to another level when they get inside your house or building. Before you work to remove pigeons from your house or building, determine how they are entering. Inspect under eaves, tiles, and other locations for holes large enough for a bird to enter. Unless entry points are sealed, you will continue to have a pigeon problem.

Removing pigeons from your home can be difficult and dangerous. We recommend you call on the experienced team at Pacific Pest Management, and we will safely remove pigeons for you. Don't risk infection or injury by contact with the bird while trying to contain it. Reach out to us today, and get started on our effective home pest control or commercial pest control services, and we will get rid of any pigeons on your property.