What To Do If You Spot Hornets Around Your San Mateo Property

Large wasp

People often avoid outdoor recreation because of all the pests. Flying insects, in particular, bring distress and annoyance. They tend to hover around constantly, and many are liable to sting. Seeking services for pest control in San Mateo is necessary if you don’t want bugs to discourage visitors from your home or business. Wasp prevention must be a priority. 

Types of wasps include all stinging insects, such as hornets; every species has its traits. It would be wise to learn about local subclasses so that you can ward them off with success. Otherwise, their stings may send you to the emergency room or other healthcare. Pacific Pest Management offers wasp removal.

The Key To Identifying Hornets

Bald-faced and European hornets are two dominant species in the area. Bald-faced hornets are 0.75 of an inch long, and white markings adorn their narrow, black bodies. Peeking through their gray aerial nests won’t be possible because they’ll be enclosed. The bugs will hang their nests along poles, roof eaves, trees, and the like. Don’t bother these pests because they go after their targets in numbers, and they can let out massive doses of venom. Since they have relation to yellow jackets and paper wasps, they aren’t hornets in a technical sense.

European hornets are sometimes called giant or brown hornets. Their alternate names are fitting because the brown insects range in size from 0.75 of an inch long to five inches. Yellow stripes are on their abdomen, their faces are pale, and they have four wings, six legs, and thick figures. You’ll see their cocoons by porches, hollow trees, foundation voids, and attics; it will have a papery casing depending on its location. 

Some Helpful Ways To Deter Hornets In San Mateo

The pollination and feeding patterns of types of wasps help the ecosystem remain balanced. However, they aren’t as helpful to humans regarding direct interaction. They might try to sting you if they’re in a defensive state. In some cases, the bugs can hit you many times in a brief period. In a mild scenario, you’ll experience localized pain, warmth, skin inflammation, and itching. Severe physical and allergic reactions can bring on breathing difficulties, blood pressure changes, and more.

Again, wasp prevention is essential; implement these preventive steps:

  • Cut the grass and trim the greenery on a routine basis. 
  • Plug ground holes and get rid of debris. 
  • Install repellent plants, such as citronella and eucalyptus. Don’t overseed them, and set them away from the property. 
  • Maintain neat porches and roof eaves. Never leave food out.
  • Swill gutters and vents often.
  • Put food and garbage in airtight containers. 
  • Seal crevices in foundations, windows, and doors. 
  • Contact Pacific Pest Management if you have critters that wasps consume.

These small steps can keep hornets from having an opportunity to harm you.

How To Find The Hornet Nest On My Property 

Hornets will have nests in elevated places or close to the ground. The species, as mentioned earlier, form their nests in high spots.

Professional Pest Control For Hornet Infestations 

Many issues exist with retail wasp removal products and “do it yourself” agents. First, they can be too toxic for humans, domestic animals, and vegetation, and second, they can eliminate just a few bugs and not an infestation. Third, they’re usually quite expensive. Fourth, they require approaching hornets and their nests. That is never a good idea.

Our experts at Pacific Pest Management can safely eradicate these insects and their cocoons. Our industrial-grade solutions include spray and chemical treatments. You can take advantage of our affordable plans now! Call us today to get started!