How Do I Get Rid Of Roaches In My San Mateo Home?

German cockroach

It’s unfair to spend the money, time, and effort to spruce up your home only to have its pristine condition tainted by cockroaches. These pests create havoc wherever they tread, smearing their slimy, diseased residue over any item or surface they traverse, potentially compromising the health of you and your family. 

At Pacific Pest Management, we provide the most effective pest control in San Mateo to successfully rid your home of all types of cockroaches, keeping you and your family safe and healthy. Our trained staff possesses the knowledge and equipment to eliminate cockroach infestations quickly while employing the best practices.

How Can I Be Sure Its Roaches In My Home?

With a few cockroach look-a-likes out there, namely beetles and water bugs, it’s understandable why some homeowners may not be sure they have roaches, especially if they’ve never seen one in person before. Most cockroaches range in color from light brown to tan to reddish-brown to dark brown. Some may have distinctive stripes or other patterns on their body. They also have shiny bodies with wings that can fold flush along their backs and are about a half inch to two inches long. If you’ve seen insects with any of these physical traits, do not hesitate to contact your local pest control immediately. They’re the best option to keep cockroaches away consistently.

Can Roaches In My Home Really Make Me Sick?

Roaches are the filthiest insects on the planet. They carry many diseases that can make you and your entire household ill. And the longer roaches dwell inside your home, the greater the risk is of contracting a serious infection. Are you an asthma sufferer or deal with severe allergies? If so, you have a high chance of experiencing serious symptoms due to cockroach exposure. Review this list of five infections and illnesses roaches can transmit:

  1. Giardia
  2. Listeriosis
  3. Campylobacteriosis
  4. Gastroenteritis
  5. Salmonellosis

And it doesn’t stop there. Cockroaches can also spread staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, and streptococcus through direct exposure via their excrement and saliva. Contact professional cockroach pest control in San Mateo to schedule a comprehensive property inspection if you've seen cockroaches in your home or any insect activity.

What Attracts Roaches Into My Home?

It’s safe to say that no homeowner willingly invites cockroaches into their home. Unfortunately, these persistent pests always seem to find their way inside, especially if there are ideal conditions where they can thrive. Nothing attracts roaches to your domain like food. You may think those dirty dishes in the sink with stuck-on food particles are no big deal, but it’s a smorgasbord for roaches. As soon as you finish using your dishes, scrape and clean them. Another factor that draws roaches is your unsealed trash cans. It's important to empty your garbage regularly and only use trash receptacles with tight-fitting lids. 

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Roaches?

With all the options available to rid your home of roaches, knowing what action to take can get confusing. A cockroach infestation is a serious health hazard that you shouldn't try to handle using unproven at-home remedies and do-it-yourself (DIY) methods. It’s always better to enlist the services of professional pest control specialists.  

At Pacific Pest Management, we understand the emotional and mental toll a cockroach problem can take on your entire household. That’s why we only employ the latest and most advanced tools and resources to quickly eliminate these and other pests. Allow us to help maintain the pest-free residence that you deserve. Reach out to us today, and let’s implement an action plan.