Why Do I Have Fleas In My San Mateo Home?

Large flea

San Mateo offers all of the benefits that most places in the Golden State enjoy, such as year-round sunshine, great food, and friendly people. However, something to be aware of for homeowners in San Mateo is the abundance of invasive pests and the problems they can cause. One particularly frequent unwanted guest in San Mateo homes is fleas.

What Are Fleas?  

Fleas are tiny reddish-brown colored bugs that feed on blood from any hosts they can find, from rodents to cats, dogs, and even humans. These tiny insects cannot fly but are extraordinary jumpers, able to jump up to eight inches vertically. While fleas are frequently found on pets, as most dog and cat owners are aware of, they do not discriminate and will feed on human hosts when given a chance. Although they are extremely small, fleas will consume up to fifteen times their body weight in blood each day, which means plenty of bites for you and your pets if you have an untreated flea infestation in your home.  

How Dangerous Is It To Have Fleas In My House?  

Fleas are primarily considered a nuisance pest due to the itchy sores caused by flea bites but can pose serious dangers for any pets or humans in a home that they have invaded. Pets are the most common hosts for fleas, as they are typically much easier to reach from the ground. Fleas will cause extreme discomfort for pets if left untreated, and in rare cases, they can cause anemia and transmit tapeworms to your dogs and cats. 

In addition to the threats that they pose for pets, fleas can also create potential health hazards for humans. Flea bites are typically itchy and uncomfortable for a day or two. Still, they can cause serious harm if you or anyone in your home has an allergic reaction to flea bites and will require immediate medical attention. These troublesome pests also carry bacteria and can spread and transmit disease in your home if a flea problem is not taken care of.  

Diseases that are spread by fleas include: 

  • Typhus 
  • Plague 
  • Cat scratch disease 
  • Tapeworms 

Due to the extreme discomfort and potential heal risks presented by fleas, it is important to take any signs of flea activity in your home seriously. Feel free to reach out to the team of experts at Pacific Pest Management for more information about fleas and how to keep your home safe. 

 How Do Flea Infestations Start In Homes?  

Flea infestations can start in a variety of ways. They can be brought in by homeowners or their guests, pets, or by invasive wildlife pests such as rats or mice. Because fleas cannot fly, a person or animal outside often bring them inside the home after the fleas jump onto them. Other pets can transmit fleas from an infested area outside, the infested home of a friend or relative, or during travel. 

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Fleas In My House?  

Taking preventative measures to safeguard your property from fleas is a crucial step in keeping your home free from these blood-sucking pests. Practical examples such as eliminating any wildlife problems on your property and regularly checking your pets for fleas can greatly reduce the chance of an infestation. However, if an infestation does occur, you will require professional pest control services to get rid of fleas.  

Luckily for homeowners in San Mateo, Pacific Pest Management is here to help prevent and eliminate fleas and other pests from invading your home. Pacific Pest Management, a local San Mateo pest control specialist, has been serving San Mateo and the surrounding areas for over seventeen years. 

Our team of certified and highly trained pest technicians has experience dealing with various pests that trouble homeowners in San Mateo, including fleas. If you have seen signs of flea activity in your home, contact us today. We will work with you to create a custom pest and flea control plan for your specific situation.