Ants In San Mateo: An Comprehensive Prevention And Control Guide

Black ants

At some point in history, people started using the word bug to describe an annoying activity. For example, you can bug some people by chewing with your mouth open. The question is, when did this word start to be used in this way? We would like to believe that ants were the reason for this. These small insects bug people more than any other local pest.

If you are tired of ants bugging you in San Mateo, here are some things you should know about ant removal. For practical professional help, call our team at Pacific Pest Management. We are a San Mateo pest control provider that understands ants and how to stop infestations inside and around homes. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about these bothersome bugs. 

Ant Communication: How Infestations Develop And Spread

Ants might look like dumb little insects. In reality, they are incredibly smart. These pests have an intricate system of communication in place to help them work together effortlessly. As an example of this, every colony has scouts. Scouts are worker ants who travel away from their nests to look for food. If a scout finds food, it will create an invisible pheromone trail back to its colony for other workers to follow.

New ant nests start all the time through the process of swarming. This is when flying ants are sent out and tasked with finding new places to breed and feed. If there is enough food on your property to support multiple colonies, these pests will expand to max capacity.

Ant Problems: Health Concerns And Property Damage

There are more than a few different types of ants that call San Mateo home, and most are not a threat to your health or home. There are, however, a few local species that have the ability to cause serious trouble. This includes carpenter ants and Argentine ants.

Carpenter ants nibble on the structural wood of homes to build their nests. This means they can cause a lot of damage to your house over time. Argentine ants spread diseases like salmonellosis and staphylococcus due to treading through unsanitary areas. The best way to avoid these problem-causing pests is with some form of ant control. We have some suggested methods you can use to avoid an infestation locally. 

Ant Prevention Is Key: Effective Tips And Tricks

Do you have some time on your hands? If so, you can take some time today to implement some of these helpful prevention tips to keep ants at bay.

  • Seal gaps and entry points around your home’s exterior.
  • Keep things clean.
  • Keep things dry.
  • Take out your trash regularly and make sure bins stay clean.
  • Reduce clutter.

Keeping ants out of your home does not have to be stressful. If you do not have the time or energy to prevent these pests on your own, reach out to our team at Pacific Pest Management to learn about professional ant pest control.

Professional Assistance: Vital To Total Ant Control

Investing in ant control in San Mateo has never been easier. Our team at Pacific Pest Management offers several amazing options to handle any and all pests that might want to cause you trouble.

If you are ready to get rid of ants and say goodbye to these pests for good, talk with our team today. We will share some options you have for effective ant control and help you make an appointment for your San Mateo home and property. Contact our dedicated staff at Pacific Pest Management if you have questions about ants or if you are ready to schedule a visit for your property.