San Mateo Homeowner's Spider Survival Guide

Cellar spider on a web

Spiders are considered frightening creatures, with some venomous spiders leading to a majorly negative reputation. Not all spiders are harmful, but that doesn't mean a spider infestation is a good thing. If you're worried about spiders, here are some helpful tips for pest control in San Mateo, CA, from the service professionals at Pacific Pest Management.

The Most Common Spiders Found In San Mateo

San Mateo has a large variety of different spiders that can invade your home. The most common house spiders you'll recognize and look out for are black widow spiders, brown recluse spiders, and orb weaver spiders. Each of these spiders is recognizable by distinct physical traits or behaviors, and two of them are well known.

The black widow can be identified by its bulbous black body and hourglass-shaped red pattern on its abdomen. The brown recluse spider is identified by its more slender, brown body, long spindly legs, and larger head. Orb weaver spiders are less bulbous than the black widow but thicker than the brown recluse, with easy identification from their massive webs.

Problems Spiders Cause In San Mateo

Contrary to popular belief, many spiders do not cause problems themselves. Spiders are rarely the root cause of a pest problem but rather a consequence of a separate infestation growing out of hand. The black widow and brown recluse are the only spiders that can, on average, pose a specific danger to humans. Due to their potent venom, which differs in effect between the two of them, they can cause severe health risks. 

Black widow spider venom is a paralytic neurotoxin designed to stun prey so the black widow can eat it alive. The venom of a brown recluse is a cytotoxin with a necrotic effect that rapidly damages living tissues. Orb weavers do not produce a powerful enough venom to harm humans who aren't severely allergic. If a spider has bitten you, contact a medical professional.

Spider Prevention Tips Everyone In San Mateo Ought To Know

When dealing with spiders in California, your best option is to contact a pest control service specialist. However, there are ways you can prevent a spider infestation from arising.

  • Place trash, especially food waste, in containers and cans with closing lids to prevent the spread of odors. These odors attract bugs that Spiders hunt and eat.
  • Cut back the foliage in and around your home. Shrubs and bushes are the natural habitats of spiders, and reducing these can reduce the possibility of infestation.
  • Regularly clean, dust, and vacuum your home. This will help with finding and removing spiders that were already present.
  • Prevent and repair leaks. Water sources attract almost every form of pests, but a constantly dripping faucet or pipe will attract spiders and insects.
  • Reduce the clutter around your home, especially boxes. Spiders love small, dark spots, so it's best to reduce the number of available hiding places.

These methods are key to preventing a spider infestation, but if you find yourself with one, don't put yourself in harm's way. Contact a pest control specialist as soon as possible.

The Many Benefits Of A Year-Round Pest Control Plan

Protection from pests all year round can prevent spiders and every other form of nuisance pest you might encounter. Pest control specialists providing these services have the knowledge and equipment to keep your property safe at all times. You can reduce your stress levels by leaving your home's protection in the most capable hands possible. Contact the service professionals at Pacific Pest Management to get rid of your spider problem.