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Fungus Removal In San Mateo, CA

Affordable Fungus Removal In San Mateo, CA

One of the most dangerous threats to your home could be growing right under your nose. Illnesses related to fungal outbreaks resulted in more than nine million hospitalizations last year, with roughly 70% of dwellings containing some form of mold. Because nearly a third of all people are genetically predisposed to suffer from fungus and mold-related issues, spending time in a home or business with unwanted growth could dramatically impact your quality of life.

At Pacific Pest Management, our primary goal is to help property owners find and eliminate any threat of fungus growth. A combination of high-level inspection work, coupled with damage repair and customer satisfaction, equips us as one of your best partners in the fungus removal process. Call Pacific Pest Management today to book a service or request a program estimate as soon as possible.

How Pacific Pest Management Handles Fungus Removal

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Pacific Pest Management's expert team is well-equipped to handle any fungus removal. Upon arriving at your home or business, we will thoroughly inspect for dry rot or surface fungus. We will check around conducive areas of the property where growth may be expedited, including crawl spaces, basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. We are always attentive to your needs and will inspect other areas of the home that you believe need evaluation.

Once our professionals have completely checked over your home, we will inform you of any damages or repairs that need to be made. Irreparable damage may need to be sub-contracted out to construction professionals. If the rot is only minor, the professionals at Pacific Pest Management will work hard to repair what we can. Our technicians will explain every step of the process.

Before Pacific Pest Management can visit your home for a fungus inspection or repair, we require that our customers assist us with a small portion of prep work, including:

  • Making sure everything is accessible.
  • Opening spaces near crawl spaces and attics.
  • Informing us of any signs of fungus.

Get in touch with Pacific Pest Management today and book your fungus removal service inspection.

Prevent Fungus From Forming Around Your Home

Like any mold or bacterial growth, fungus is almost impossible to remove from the home entirely. It is important to protect yourself and your property continuously against conducive conditions and secondary returns, even after professional treatments. In order to keep your household safe from the effects of fungus and mold, we recommend following these steps:

  1. Keep the humidity level of your home below 60%. Dehumidifiers and desiccant bags will help with this process.
  2. Find where moisture is entering your home, then caulk and seal all gaps. We always recommend waterproof materials.
  3. Wipe down surfaces with hydrogen peroxide several times a week to prevent molds and fungi from spreading from place to place.

If you do spot mold around the house, do not attempt to repair things on your own. Instead, call the professionals at Pacific Pest Management for safe and effective removal.

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If you want to keep your California home free of fungus, Pacific Pest Management is your best line of defense. Call us today to get started on a plan that will protect your family from unwanted growth! Our team is available through phone or email to discuss how we can partner together on an affordable solution.

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