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What are birds?

There are many different types of birds in our San Mateo service area, but two stand out as pests; pigeons and finches.

Pigeons have a bad reputation, especially in urban areas where they seem to live in large populations. These birds grow to around ten inches long. They have a gray body, a blueish-gray head, and two black bars on each wing. They also have iridescent blue or purple feathers on their neck.

House finches are the most common species, growing between five and six inches long. Females are brown and white, while males are brown with white and red streaks.

pigeon on a window

Are birds dangerous?

As stated above, birds can cause damage and health concerns for the properties they infest. Below are some of the problems they can present:

  • Roosting can put stress on roofs, eaves, and other nesting areas.
  • They can clog gutters with nests, which can cause leaks and moisture issues.
  • Birds can cause damage to plants, crops, and fruit trees.
  • Their droppings can accumulate, eating away at roofs and other materials because of the acidity in the waste.
  • Diseases spread through bird droppings, including salmonella.
  • Birds can also spread parasites such as mites, fleas, ticks, and lice.

Not only are birds a problem outside, but they can get into homes and other structures, causing damage by building nests and creating waste.

Why do I have a bird problem?

Because of their flying abilities, birds can be a bit more challenging to keep out of your yard than other pests. However, you may unintentionally be inviting them to live on your property if you give them access to food sources.

If you have bird feeders, you can expect all types of birds to show up, including pigeons. But as many of us know, pigeons don’t shy away from eating garbage and other food left behind by people either. Birds will also help themselves to gardens and fruit trees.

Where will I find birds?

Birds will build their nests in trees, eaves, roofs, gutters, chimneys, and similar places. They can also get into a home through the roofline, infesting attics.

How do I get rid of birds?

The best way to deal with a bird problem on your San Mateo property is with professional home pest control services. At Pacific Pest Management, we provide a free estimate to our customers, so it is easy to get started with the right commercial pest control services.

Our service professionals are ready to assist you with your pest problems, so call us at Pacific Pest Management today!

How can I prevent birds in the future?

Although it is impossible to keep all birds out of your yard, you can make it less attractive to these animals. You can do this by using the following tips recommended by experts:

  • Remove bird feeders from your property.
  • Use garbage cans with lids.
  • Create a barrier around gardens with netting.
  • Use bird spikes and other deterrents.

For more tips, contact our team at Pacific Pest Management.

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