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Alum Rock, CA Pest Control

Pest Control In Alum Rock, CA

Alum Rock, CA, used to be an independent town but is now considered a district or neighborhood on the east side of San Jose. Known for having the oldest municipal park in California, which is also the largest in the country, people flock to Alum Rock for its many activities and bustling economy. Unfortunately, this means that Santa Clara pest control needs are on the rise. The good news is that Pacific Pest Management is on standby, ready to provide complete pest control services for Alum Rock homes and businesses.

Residential Pest Control In Alum Rock

alum rock ca pest control

At Pacific Pest Management, our residential pest control services use the most advanced technology on the professional market. These resources, as well as nearly two decades' worth of experience, have led us to follow this proven formula to complete our residential pest control services:

  • A thorough inspection of your home's interior and exterior.
  • Implementation of a customized treatment plan.
  • Follow-up visits to ensure customer satisfaction.

We don't just treat the problems you've reported; our expert technicians work to identify any other potential problems and implement prevention strategies to stop them in their tracks. If you are looking to secure your home from pest threats, call us today!

Commercial Pest Control In Alum Rock

Securing commercial pest control services should be on the top of every business owner's to-do list, as a pest infestation can bring your entire operations to a grinding halt. At Pacific Pest Management, we provide superior same-day and emergency services for the following types of Alum Rock establishments: 

  • Multi-unit housing
  • HOA's
  • Warehouses
  • Storage facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Retail

Our commercial pest control services include the same advanced tools and technology as our residential services, ensuring you are getting the most superior service in Santa Clara County. As fellow business owners, we know how difficult it can be to keep a business running smoothly. Let us help you with the pests, so you can get back to doing what you do best. Call us today to begin. 

Four Simple Yet Effective Ant-Prevention Tips For Alum Rock Properties

Ant pest control is essential for all Alum Rock properties, as there are many types of ants looking to wreak havoc here. Below are four tips to help prevent any ant from invading your property:

  1. Seal up entry points: Go around your house and find any cracks or gaps. Caulk up holes in your home's siding, and repair all ripped and torn window screens.

  2. Clean up messes: Be sure to thoroughly clean up any messes you make with food and liquids, as this will discourage ants from wanting to forage for food in your home.

  3. Properly store food: Keep food in your kitchen and pantries stored in containers that cannot be chewed through. This step will make your home much less appealing to ants.

  4. Maintain your yard: Regularly mowing your lawn and cleaning up organic debris such as sticks and logs help reduce the appeal of your property to ants.

If the ants are still bothering you after implementing these prevention strategies, give Pacific Pest Management a call for the proven ant pest control today!

Three Tricks To Keep From Bringing Bed Bugs Into Your Alum Rock Home

As more people move into Alum Rock, bed bug control becomes even more critical. Below are three tips to keep the bed bugs out of your home:

  1. Be cautious of where you set your bags: If you are out and about, be careful where you place your bags down. Avoid setting these items on carpet and furniture, as you could be unknowingly giving a free ride to bed bugs that way.
  2. Mattress covers: A good mattress cover will stop bed bugs from burrowing into your mattress and setting up shop.
  3. Wash your bedding and clothes regularly: Make sure the water is hot and the dryer settings are on high heat, as this will kill any existing bed bugs in your linens.

At Pacific Pest Management, we specialize in providing top-quality bed bug control that includes exterminating existing infestations and introducing prevention strategies that will work for your home. If bed bugs are causing you to lose sleep, don't wait. Contact us for help today!

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