How To Win The Battle Against Rodents In San Mateo

mouse with pinecone

Rodents are a stubborn problem here in California, and San Mateo is no exception. There are a couple of environmental factors that contribute to rat and mouse problems here in the San Mateo area. The first is our big city environment that allows big city rats and mice to breed and spread using our garbage as a food source. The second is the harshness of the surrounding Northern California wilderness. Both these things make rodent control in San Mateo tougher. 

The Growing Issue Of Rodent Infestations In San Mateo

There are many types of rodents that you may encounter in the San Mateo area, but the ones you really have to worry about are rats and mice. Rats and mice are the rodents that typically want to live inside human homes with us, and they are also the ones that do the most property damage and spread the most disease.

These rodents are also among the most prolific breeders of all the species in our area. This means they can grow their population exponentially, easily establishing infestations that are difficult to eradicate. 

Recognizing Indicators Of Rodents

House rodents are sneaky. They are highly motivated to stay out of your way, and they are also most active when you're asleep. So even if you have a significant infestation, you may not ever see live rodents. 

Thus, you'll have to keep an eye out for other signs that rodents may be present. These signs include:

  • Rodent feces
  • A strong urine smell
  • Scurrying sounds inside walls
  • Torn food packages 
  • Damage to furniture or other items around your house

If you start seeing signs like these around your home, it is highly likely that you have a rodent problem, and you need to contact a professional rodent control provider right away. 

Why DIY Rodent Control Isn't Effective

Getting rid of rodents on your own is almost impossible. The products that you can buy at the store, such as glue boards and snap traps, are just not effective enough to eliminate entire rodent populations from your home. These products can catch one or two rodents at a time before they have to be replaced or reset. This means they will do little more than temporarily reduce the rodent population around your home. They will not get rid of your infestation.

You can take rodent prevention measures yourself. A few lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in how attractive rodents find your home. Take measures like: 

  • Cover all garbage cans on your property at all times.
  • Store pantry foods in airtight, hard-shell containers.
  • Never leave pet foods or pet bowls sitting out.
  • Eliminate as many open water sources around your property as you can.
  • Seal construction gaps around your home with wire mesh.
  • Consider using scare tactics like fake birds of prey.

Taking these measures can help make your home harder for rodents to invade and less convenient for them to live in when they do, but they may not always be enough. 

Call Today For Rodent-Free Living!

If you start seeing signs that you have a rodent problem, the best thing you can do is call the experts here at Pacific Pest Management right away. Our rodent experts will inspect your property to determine where rodents are entering and the size of your infestation.

We also have access to a full suite of professional-grade rodent extermination products that are designed to eliminate entire infestations and not just a few individuals. So don't hesitate. Give us a call or visit our contact page to schedule your rodent inspection today.