Rodent Control 101: Essential Tips For Keeping Your San Mateo Home Safe

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As members of the order Rodentia, rodents are the largest group of mammals—found in more than 1,500 different species across all the continents except for Antarctica. Among the most common types of rodents are mice, rats, and squirrels. As omnivorous scavengers, rodents will often capitalize on opportunities to infiltrate the homes of San Mateo property owners seeking sources of food, water, or shelter.

Have rodents invaded your home? Respond decisively by speaking with a local pest control expert. Properly qualified providers of rodent control in San Mateo understand the behavior of these bothersome pests and know the best ways of safely expelling them from the premises. Pacific Pest Management is here for all of your rodent control needs. 

Common Rodent Species: Identifying Different Types Of Rodents

What are some of the types of California rodents that area homeowners might encounter? In the greater San Mateo region, the most common home-invading rodents are house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats.

With bodies that measure 2 to 4 inches long, house mice are the smallest type of rodent among the three. House mice have round bodies, grayish fur, and lighter-colored underbellies.

Norway rats or brown rats are stoutly built creatures with bodies that range from 7 to 10 inches and slightly shorter length tails. Inside homes, Norway rats are most likely found at the ground level or in basements or crawl spaces. Aptly named because they often climb up on roofs seeking points of entry in the upper part of the structure, roof rats or black rats have bodies measuring from 6 to 8 inches with tails of roughly the same length.

Health Risks Of Rodent Invasions: Protecting Your Family And Pets

Why is it important for property owners in San Mateo to promptly seek professional assistance to get rid of rodents? Homeowners who detect rodents inside their homes should speak with the pros because these creatures may pose legitimate health risks. For example, rodents are known carriers of rat-bite fever, tularemia, salmonellosis, and more.

Rodents may also pose health risks to your pets. For example, rats can transmit leptospirosis to dogs.

Rodents are also potentially destructive creatures, as they may gnaw on furniture, drywall, wiring, and other objects in your home. They often damage property as they gather nesting materials such as fabric, paper products, or insulation.

Proactive Rodent Control: Preventing Infestations Before They Begin

Are you a San Mateo homeowner looking for answers regarding the most effective rodent prevention methods? Some of the best strategies include:

  • Look around the external base of the structure for any crevices that might serve as entry points and fill them with sealant.
  • Trim bushes and tree branches back away from the home to prevent roof rats from using them.
  • If gaps exist below exterior doors, install sweeps to prevent house mice from entering.

Pest control companies employ qualified service technicians who understand indoor and outdoor rodent controlmethods. The pros also recognize the importance of safety when assisting homeowners struggling with unwanted rodent infestations.

Professional Rodent Control: Why Expertise Matters

What are the most effective rodent traps? Today, home improvement retailers promote snap traps, sticky traps, and other do-it-yourself options. Unfortunately, these products are often insufficient against even moderate rodent infestations. The best choice involves consulting with qualified pest control professionals who are properly equipped to handle these undesirable critters.

The experienced team with Pacific Pest Management continues to deliver results for those in need of San Mateo rodent control services.

Our technicians will efficiently oust existing rodents from the premises and may implement exclusionary measures that will keep these pests from returning.

For safe and effective pest management services, contact our office today. Keep in mind that we can often respond to your property on the same day if needed.