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East Foothills, CA Pest Control

Pest Control In East Foothills, CA

If there is one thing everyone in East Foothills can agree on, it's how amazing the weather is here. No matter the time of year, it's perfect, allowing everyone who lives here to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Despite the phenomenal weather, we still experience pest problems all year round, so it's important to know what to do to combat the critters that want to get inside your home. 

Get local pest control from Pacific Pest Management. Our experts can care for all your residential and commercial Santa Clara County pest control needs. 

Residential Pest Control In East Foothills

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No one wants pests in your home. They can cause numerous health concerns and other problems like property damage. Pacific Pest Management is here to protect you, your family, and your home.

Our home pest control process begins with a detailed inspection of your property using the latest technology to locate signs of pests, areas of concern, and other factors that allow us to provide you with the best treatments. Using our inspection findings, we will implement the solutions that will work best for your specific circumstances, including treating the exterior foundation's cracks and crevices to prevent pests from getting inside. 

After we initially inspect and treat your home, we will return monthly or bi-monthly to help you maintain a protective barrier around your home and keep different critters from re-infesting. 

Additionally, we can assist you with bed bug control, fungus treatments, insulation replacement and installations, real estate inspections and WDI reports, rodent control, spider control, termite control, and wasp control. 

Reach out to Pacific Pest Management to find out how to get started working with one of our experienced technicians for your home's pest control needs. 

Commercial Pest Control In East Foothills

Pests regularly invade commercial facilities because of their many resources, like food, water, and shelter. But you don't have to let this happen on your property. For quality commercial pest control, look no further than the professionals at Pacific Pest Management, who have been working in the industry for over 17 years. 

When you contact Pacific Pest Management for commercial pest control, we'll get you started with a detailed inspection of your property to identify pest activity, entry points, harborage areas, and conducive conditions that allow pests to thrive. Then we tailor the treatments we use to address the pressures and needs of your property. 

For continued pest protection to keep your commercial property running without interruptions from pests, we recommend monthly or bi-monthly ongoing treatments, which come with free re-services between scheduled visits if needed. 

We service properties such as office buildings, storage facilities, retail, multi-unit housing, HOAs, and warehouses. 

Give us a call at Pacific Pest Management with any questions about our commercial pest control services and how you can begin working with our experts. 

Is Your East Foothills Home At Risk For Spiders?

Spiders are a common household pest, and it's not unusual to see one in your home every so often. However, some homes are more at risk of an infestation for these reasons:

  • Spiders are predators, so they are attracted to places with plenty of prey pests.

  • Homes with cracks in the foundation, gaps around windows and doors, missing or damaged screens, and other weaknesses in their exteriors provide easy access for pests to get inside.

  • High moisture on the property provides ideal conditions for many insects that attract spiders.

  • Food sources like unsecured garbage cans, poorly stored foods, crumbs, and other food debris will easily attract pest problems. 

  • Yards and homes that are cluttered and disorganized make it difficult to clean up potential food sources for prey pests and provide harborage areas. 

If you are experiencing an issue with prey pests or spiders in your East Foothills home, you can rely on Pacific Pest Management to get rid of spiders and other pests.

Why Stinging Insect Infestations In East Foothills Should Be Left To Professionals

Stinging insects include pests like wasps, bees, hornets, paper wasps, and carpenter bees. Each of these pests has a range of aggression and danger they pose to people. For example, carpenter bees are a solitary species, so they are less aggressive than other stinging insects because they don't have to protect their colony. In contrast, hornets are larger and more aggressive than the others on this list.

If you leave stinging insects alone, they will likely leave you alone, but unfortunately, it's easy to disturb them accidentally.

Don't try to get rid of stinging insects on your own. Instead, let out trained experts at Pacific Pest Management help with safe and effective stinging insect control methods. 

Give us a call at Pacific Pest Management to learn more about how we can help with stinging insects on your East Foothills property. 

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