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How To Get Rid Of Ants In Your San Mateo Home & Keep Them Out

If ants are driving you crazy, there are a few things you can do to get rid of them. The secret is in understanding why ants get into your home and what works to naturally control their behavior patterns. Today, we're going to look at how ants behave, what they do in your home, and how ant pest control in San Mateo works to control them.

Habits & Behaviors Of Common Ants

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Ants are primarily looking for three things: Food, liquids, and harborage. If conditions in your yard provide any of these, you can start to have trouble with ants. If conditions near your home provide these, you shouldn't be surprised when you start to find ants inside your home. Indoor ant control begins with outdoor ant control.

What do ants eat? Some ant species are drawn to sweet food sources such as nectar and honeydew. They're drawn to flowers, flowering weeds, and landscaping that has an aphid problem. Some ant species prefer protein. They'll look for insects and bugs, both alive and dead. They'll also eat meats you throw away or leave on an outdoor grill.

What do ants drink? Rainwater on the ground can provide all the liquid ants need, but sugar water in a hummingbird feeder or a cup of juice are even more enticing. Some ants are attracted to rotting juices found in trash receptacles. It's gross but true.

Where do ants live? Most ants prefer to live in the ground. When ants come inside, they may bring soil inside with them and create a nesting site in wall voids. Some ants tunnel in wood to create their nests.

If you're wondering how to keep ants out of your house, this information will get you started. When you think like an ant, you're able to address the things that attract them.

When you address food and water resources inside your home, you prevent a particularly troublesome behavior. Ant workers lay down a pheromone scent as they return to their nest with food or liquid. Other workers follow this scent and enter your home in large numbers. If given enough incentive, this can be the beginning of an indoor ant infestation.

Why You Don't Want Ants Hanging Around Your House

In most cases, ants are just annoying pests. But there is a risk involved with having ants come into your home. It is important to understand that ants can go from trash receptacles to counter spaces and kitchen cabinets. Not only is this the primary reason to not have ants in your home, it is an essential fact to understand. When you roll your sleeves up and perform DIY ant pest control, you'll be reducing the risk of ant-related sickness.

Four Eco-Friendly Prevention Tips To Keep Ants From Coming Back

Okay. We've set the groundwork. Now let's connect the dots. Here is how you get effective ant control with all-natural ant control methods:

  1. Keep things clean. Many ant species are attracted to the scent of rotting meats and juices. Clean your kitchen floors and counters regularly. Clean spills up quickly. Refrain from leaving full trash bags sitting on the floor. Keep trash receptacles as clean as possible. Good sanitation will give ants one less reason to be in your home or near the exterior of your home.
  2. Protect food. There are many ways an ant can get a bite to eat. The most likely way is food found in uncovered receptacles. They'll also find food on dirty dishes, inside pet food dishes, in used pans left on stoves, on pantry shelves, in couches, and in many other places. Protecting food is a mixture of good sanitation and protective methods such as covering food left out on counters, putting dirty dishes in soapy water, and feeding pets only during mealtimes.
  3. Reduce moisture and remove liquid sources. A dripping faucet provides more than enough liquid for ants to drink. Humid spaces provide moisture for ants that require higher levels of hydration. A cup of juice or soda will be an enticing treat. Repair plumbing issues, install a dehumidifier and refrain from leaving sweet liquids in cups.
  4. Make it hard for ants to live in your home. Inspect your exterior and use a caulking gun to seal gaps and holes. Replace weatherstripping and door sweeps, and seal every entry point you can find.

There are other natural methods for managing ants, but these four will get you well on your way to getting rid of ants and keeping them away.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation In Your Home

If you have higher than normal ant pressures or conducive conditions that have created a particularly difficult ant problem, you need to seek out the best pest control company for ants in San Mateo. Consider contacting us here at Pacific Pest Management.

We track ants and evaluate routes they're taking. We select appropriate baits to directly address ant mounds and arrest ant activity. Ant control is tricky. It pays to have an experienced pest-management professional handle this task. Reach out to us today for assistance.    

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