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Lomita Park, CA Pest Control

Reliable Pest Control In Lomita Park, CA

Lomita Park is a small but beloved unincorporated community that’s located adjacent to the San Francisco International Airport. As one might expect, there are numerous hotels here given the number of travelers that the area sees. There are also tasty restaurants, beauty salons, and daycares. Lomita Park also has stellar public transportation, which means that residents and visitors can get shuttled around the area with the greatest of ease. 

At Pacific Pest Management, we know how common pest problems are, which is why we provide reliable pest control in Lomita Park, CA. We’ve made it our mission to treat all of our customers as the unique individuals that they are. To that end, we tailor each of our treatments to the pest pressures that you face and we make sure our offerings are always competitively priced. Our technicians have access to the latest technology and we’ll always provide free re-treatments if you need them. To request your no-obligation estimate, call us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Lomita Park, CA

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Instead of dealing with pest problems or the possibility that they might arise in your Lomita Park home, consider help from Pacific Pest Management. We are a local company that has nearly two decades of experience and the latest technology on our side. Partnering with us also means getting the very best pricing, customer support when you need it, and free estimates that come at no obligation to you. 

When you enlist our services for general pest control, you can expect a process that begins with a detailed home inspection to give us all of the information that we need. We even use a robot during this step to reach the areas that we cannot. Our initial treatment covers both the interior and exterior of your home. We use pheromone traps, seal cracks, and set baits where they’re needed. From then on, we usually perform monthly or bi-monthly services and provide free re-treatments between these visits if they’re needed. For more information on residential pest control, call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Lomita Park, CA

When you operate a business in Lomita Park, there’s no room for pest problems. They can be bad for your business and bad for the well-being of your employees. At Pacific Pest Management, we make sure that your exposure to pests is completely mitigated. Our company has almost two decades of experience and an in-depth knowledge of local pests. When it comes to keeping pests out of your commercial property, we use the latest technology and top-shelf products. We always put your needs first and believe in working together to find solutions that will work for your business. 

Our process begins with a walk-through where we look for pest activity and conducive conditions, as well as hear about the issues you’re having in your own words. Once we have all of the relevant information, we’ll provide you with a free estimate and customize a service plan. We typically treat the interior of your business on an as-needed basis and the full exterior perimeter at every visit. And with routine treatments, we can work to prevent pests as well. To learn more about our commercial pest control options, please call us today.

Call The Professionals For Wasp Nest Removal In Lomita Park

Wasps are a particularly aggressive and territorial type of pest in the Lomita Park area. If they get disrupted, they may attack people repeatedly. Due to their possessive nature, wasps are very protective of their nests, whether those nests are old or active. They will actually return to old nests in order to determine whether or not the area is still viable. That is why the best way to keep wasps off of properties is with professional wasp nest removal

At Pacific Pest Management, we have the expertise, knowledge, and tools required in order to completely remove any wasp nest without causing undue harm. Our service begins with a yard inspection to determine the extent of wasps. From there, we remove nests and provide tips on preventing future populations so that homeowners can enjoy their properties once again. For more information on these services, please call us today.

How The Professionals Eliminate Rodent Infestations In Lomita Park

Rodents such as rats and mice are often spotted in the Lomita Park area. They can slip through very narrow openings and cause significant damage once they’ve arrived. Additionally, rodents are often responsible for the spread of health problems such as salmonellosis and tularemia, so these pests are best left to the pros. 

When locals work with the team at Pacific Pest Management, they’ll benefit from extensive experience, top-shelf products, and proven methods. Our team always starts with a full property assessment where we check for signs such as streak marks, droppings, and gnawing. From there, we often opt for exclusion, which is a sustainable way of closing off the entry points that rodents are known to use to access your property. These services even come with a two-year warranty. For more information on rodent control, call us today.

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