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Portola Valley would be it if the great outdoors could be a single location. The natural lands of Portola Valley are a mix of foothill oak woodland, grassland, ponds, and other ecosystems, combined with a slight urban-suburban feel. As this area is near the tech hub, Silicon Valley, the unique economic landscape is culturally diverse and visually serene for such a densely populated area.

However, with Portola Valley having such a beautiful, natural landscape, it only makes sense that its residents experience the insects and wildlife that make the area so attractive, right? Not necessarily.

At Pacific Pest Management, we have a deep reverence for the beauty of nature that this beautiful area offers residents as much as the next. Alternatively, the great outdoors has no place indoors when it comes to your home or business, whether it’s your place of business or the very residence you call home. 

If the great outdoors of Portola Valley is constantly trying to make its way indoors of your property, call your San Mateo county pest control today.

Residential Pest Control In Portola Valley

Some people love the thrill of the big city, while others enjoy the peace and tranquility of the country. There’s nothing wrong with either extreme. However, when you throw pests into the mix, they will send city slickers and country bumpkins alike into a state of pure panic.

Pests native to the Portola Valley area include everything from rodents and silverfish to spiders and sowbugs, and that’s not even close to all the species around. But, as a homeowner, you don’t necessarily have to know every species of pests to safeguard your home adequately, nor should you have to; that’s what Pacific Pest Management experts can do.

However, it is crucial to be aware of certain pests and the threats and dangers they pose to your home and family. For instance, with the many hiking trails and parks of the area, it’s essential you safeguard yourself from fleas and ticks of the area. Additionally, rodents and cockroaches are known carriers of various diseases, bacteria, and parasites, so putting forth preventive efforts will go a long way in keeping those pests out of your home.

To protect your home and family, give us a call to learn more about our residential pest control services and how they can benefit you.

Commercial Pest Control In Portola Valley

Bugs are bad for business unless you’re in the pest control industry! Nonetheless, bugs have no place in a business establishment. Having pests can impact your business, starting with profit loss and business reputation to lower employee morale and legal action.

The negative impacts of pests on your business are harmful. Still, in this day and age of instant information at the tap or swipe of a screen, a customer having a bad experience at your establishment and posting to their social media about it can be far worse. Negative publicity is the very thing that can cause legal action, profit loss, and low employee morale single-handedly.

A single rat can chew through drywall, wiring, and insulation, causing overwhelming amounts of money in property damage, while their urine and saliva contaminate billions of dollars in food supplies. Additionally, a single cockroach has the potential to spread salmonella, E. Coli, and cholera with a single crawl across a computer keyboard or anything it touches threatens the health and safety of your customers and employees.

Unless you’re ready to hand over ownership of your business to pests, one of the best investments you can make to contribute to the continued success of your business is to invest in commercial pest control services from Pacific Pest Management. From our thorough inspection of your business, we’ll create a customized plan to treat your business’ unique pest control needs effectively.

What To Do About Spiders In Your Portola Valley Basement

Spiders will put fear and panic in the bodies of almost anyone. Their spindly legs and overall creepy appearance are just something you don’t want to come home and see. However, sometimes the best way to ease fearing spiders is to learn more about them.

In Portola Valley, there are four species of spiders most familiar to the area:

  • Wolf Spider: Considered harmless house spiders. Larger species, growing to be around 1 inch in length with a tan stripe. It does not spin webs,
  • Brown Recluse: Considered dangerous house spiders. Produce necrotic venom. Has violin-shaped marking on dorsum. Can grow between 6 and 20 mm in size, but sizes vary; can grow bigger.
  • Cellar Spider: Considered harmless house spiders with skinny, long legs and light brown in color. Nicknamed ‘daddy-long-legs spider.’; They spin chaotic webs throughout a home.
  • Black Widow: Considered dangerous house spiders. It has neurotoxins in venom. Have bulbous, shiny black bodies with a red hourglass on the abdomen and spin chaotic webs.

Though some spiders are ‘considered’ harmless, that doesn’t mean they aren’t. The term ‘considered’ says that a particular spider species can bite, but they rarely do. However, their ability to chew makes them dangerous to humans, even if they rarely do.

If you see any of these spiders in your home, especially the black widow or brown recluse species, which are easy to identify, you don’t want to risk getting bitten. One call to Pacific Pest Management can rid you of the spider problems in your home. 

Portola Valley Homeowners' Guide To Rat Control

Did you know that there are rats in this world that are the size of small cats? Imagine coming home and seeing that type of rat. Fortunately, here in Portola Valley, we don’t have to deal with rats of that size; however, they infest in numbers when they infest in this area.

This fact is one of the biggest reasons rat infestations are so time-sensitive. Whether you realize it or not, female rats can produce around 40 babies per year, and their bodies are ready to conceive again after 48 hours after giving birth! Yikes! Knowing this, having a sense of urgency is imperative to stopping current rat infestations and preventing new ones from forming.

For effective rat control, you’re not going to want to try on your own, as rats are vectors of various harmful diseases. Only professional rodent control professionals should handle rat infestations.

However, as a concerned homeowner who wants to take preventive measures, here’s what you can do:

  • Seal cracks and points of entry
  • Properly store food
  • Address moisture issues
  • Keep garbage can lids closed tight 

 All these efforts will go a very long way in your rodent control efforts. But, of course, these efforts will be ineffective without a Pacific Pest Management rodent control treatment plan first.

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