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Pest Control In San Jose, California

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Located on the southern shore of San Francisco Bay, at the center of Silicon Valley, San Jose has no shortage of fun things to do. On top of that, there’s the year-round near-perfect weather that residents and tourists alike love. However, amid this mutual love of San Jose, you can’t forget about the pests of San Jose.

At Pacific Pest Management, we’ve been working with residents and business owners alike in the San Jose area, and to them, pests aren’t anything new– they just come with the territory. With that, regular, ongoing pest control services are necessary for this area. 

As your trusted and reliable Santa Clara county pest control, we are committed to providing you with a customized treatment plan to meet the unique needs of your home or business. Just give one of our trained experts a call.

Residential Pest Control In San Jose

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Home is where your family is, so it makes total sense why people say ‘home is where the heart is.’ However, when pests invade your home, your home then becomes an unfamiliar and unsafe environment. If you can’t feel safe at home, where is your sense of peace? 

At Pacific Pest Management, we recognize and know that feeling all too well. From cockroaches eating your leftover to rodents knocking out your internet from gnawing on the wiring inside your home, pests have no place in your humble abode. To safeguard your family and restore the sense of peace in your home, trust only the experts. Give us a call for a complete inspection of your home, and we’ll devise a customized treatment plan to safely and effectively remove invasive pests.

Commercial Pest Control In San Jose

As odd as this may sound, the exact pest issues that homes have, businesses have. The thing to understand about pests and businesses is that they are all looking for the same thing: food, shelter, and water. If you run a restaurant, then your business is a dream to rodents and cockroaches. Similarly, if you run an office building, rodents will have a field day gnawing on the drywall and wiring within the walls of your building. That goes to show you that pests are inescapable.  

Knowing the high probability of pests, business owners have to take the necessary measures to safeguard your business, employees, and customers. Fortunately, here at Pacific Pest Management, we’re no stranger to the area's pests and have served this city for over 17 years. The good news is that you don’t have to embark on this pest control journey on your own. Give us a call, and one of our expert technicians will come right out to your business to set up your inspection.

Is Your San Jose Home Rodent-Proof?

If your answer to this question starts with ‘umm,’ your home probably isn’t rodent-proof. Making your home rodent-proof means that you have actively made efforts and improvements to ensure rodents don’t have access inside. To properly rodent-proof your home, you have to take a couple of things into consideration so that you can make exemplary prevention efforts. For example, rodents are incredibly flexible. If you know of any cracks or crevices in your home that a small rat could potentially squeeze through, some sealing projects should happen.  

Take a look at a few ways to make your home rodent-proof: 

  • Seal points of entry in your home’s exterior.
  • Cut back shrubbery, brush, and tree limbs away from your home’s exterior walls.
  • Remove hiding places like woodpiles.
  • Place sheet metal around the base of trees.
  • Keep lids on trash cans, and seal compost bins tight. 
  • Pick up uneaten pet food.

These methods are great ways to make your home rodent-proof. However, these methods will prove ineffective without professional rodent control services first. Here at Pacific Pest Management, we offer safe and effective rodent control services to remove current infestations and prevent future ones from happening. Give us a call today to set up your initial inspection. 

Preventing Fall House Spiders In San Jose

If Halloween could have a poster child, it would be the fall house spiders of San Jose. Fortunately, the fall house spiders of this area aren’t considered dangerous. However, pest professionals will need to address the infestation of these spiders:

  • Orb Weavers: Their body color varies, but they are most recognizable by their hairy, spiny legs and intricate spiral-wheel webs.
  • Cellar Spiders: Most commonly known as “daddy long legs,” these spiders have small bodies and long, thin, spindly legs. Their webs are chaotic, as they tend to create loose-weaving webs that stack on top of each other. 
  • Grass Spiders: Brown or gray spiders with light and dark stripes close to their head; known for building funnel-shaped webs in tall grasses, window wells, or steps. They can bite when afraid but are considered harmless; their bites are no threat to humans. 
  • Jumping Spiders: Small spiders with brown, black, or greenish bodies. Distinguished by their habit of jumping from place to place.

The good news about preventing these spiders from entering your home is that it doesn’t require much effort on your part. For the most part, maintaining regular pest control services in your home is what’s going to keep these pests away. However, you can do a few things that will aid in your pest control efforts. Caulking your windows and doorways and filling holes in your chimney and roof will work wonders in keeping these pests away. Similarly, eliminating cobwebs in and around your home will make your home less inviting. Finally, if you have a fireplace and use firewood, be sure to leave the firewood outside, as the wood attracts wood-eating pests as well as black widow spiders.

Frequent spiders appearing in your home is a sign of a spider infestation, but it could also be a sign of another infestation that you are entirely unaware of, as spiders eat other pests. To have your home thoroughly inspected for spiders and other pests, don’t hesitate to contact Pacific Pest Management today.

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