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Your Search Is Over! Gentle Bee Removal For San Mateo Residents

Nobody wants to deal with stinging insects on their San Mateo property, but when you're dealing with an endangered species like the honey bee, you'll need to approach the situation with care. 

Here's what San Mateo residents should know about honey bee swarms and established hives, why honey bees nest in walls and structures, what you shouldn't do when you spot a beehive, and how gentle bee and pest control in San Mateo can help. 

F.A.Q. About Honey Bee Swarms And Established Hives

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If you've got questions about honey bees, you're not the only one – here are some of the most common questions that San Mateo residents have about these critters. 

  • Do honey bees sting? Yes, honey bees do sting. However, only female honey bees are capable of stinging, and unlike wasps or hornets, they are not aggressive. Most honey bees only sting when they feel threatened or cornered. You may get stung if you step on a bee accidentally or stumble upon an active hive. Another key difference between honey bees and wasps is that honey bees can only sting you once. A honey bee loses its stinger when it stings you, and the bee will die shortly afterward. 

  • Are honey bees endangered? For decades, bees, including honey bees, have had declining populations. These stinging insects are some of the most important pollinators around, which is why scientists and beekeepers have been working so hard to conserve bee populations. 

  • Do honey bees nest in the ground? Most of the time, honey bees do not nest in the ground. There are types of stinging insects that nest in the ground – including sweat bees, leafcutter bees, digger bees, and the aggressive yellow jacket. If you discover a beehive in the ground, you're likely not dealing with honey bees. 

Honey bees tend to be a gentle species that helps to pollinate our food sources and nests above ground. 

Why Honey Bees Nest In Walls And On Structures

Honey bees may not nest in the ground, but they do like nesting in walls and other structures. Wall cavities, hollow trees, and even rock crevices can all serve as an appropriate place for honey bees to build their hive – the honey bees will chew wax until it becomes soft and then bond that wax into the cells of their honeycombs. 

Honey bees prefer to build their nests inside cavities or other structures to protect themselves and their home from predators, like birds, reptiles, and rodents, as well as other dangers. 

What Not To Do When You Spot A Beehive

So, you've just found a beehive around your San Mateo property or home – what should you avoid doing to protect yourself and the bees? 

  • Do NOT approach the hive or nest. Even a non-aggressive species like the honey bee might attack in swarms if you get too close and they interpret you as a threat to their nest. There's also the risk that you could be dealing with an even more aggressive stinging insect, like wasps, so you should never try to approach a nest on your own. 
  • Do NOT throw things at the nest. Not only could this startle the bees and cause them to attack. If you manage to dislodge the hive with a projectile, you could also harm the bees inside. 
  • Do NOT try to get rid of the nest on your own. Because honey bees are an endangered species, the best (and safest) method for dealing with them is by using professional, gentle bee removal. Spraying insecticides or trying to get rid of the nest on your own will only put yourself and the bees in danger.

There are a lot of things you should avoid doing around honey bee nests, but one thing you should do is to look into safe and gentle beehive removal.

Safe And Gentle Beehive Removal In San Mateo

We've covered what you shouldn't do when you see a beehive, but what should you do? The best thing you can do for the bees' safety and your own is to contact the pest control pros at Pacific Pest Management for gentle beehive removal. 

We've got the experience, treatments, and equipment to safely remove honey bees from your property, as well as any other stinging insects you may be dealing with, including aggressive wasps, hornets, or carpenter bees. If you suspect you may have a beehive on your San Mateo property, leave the dangerous work up to us. Contact us today at Pacific Pest Management to learn more about our gentle bee removal process or to schedule an appointment for your home or yard. 

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