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Loyola, CA Pest Control

Pest Control In Loyola, CA

Keeping pests away from your property requires a modern approach, utilizing the latest products and technology to address pests that are good at hiding or which have developed resistance to common pesticides. 

Loyola property owners should turn to Pacific Pest Management instead of trying to handle their risk of infestations on their own. Our company prides itself on having highly trained technicians that aim for total customer satisfaction. We don’t stop until your pest problems are gone, and we provide treatments that help ensure long-term protection. 

Learn why Pacific Pest Management is your best bet for pest control in Loyola, California.

Residential Pest Control In Loyola

Dealing with pests on your property can be a frightening and stressful prospect. You want to avoid the problem from getting worse and leading to property damage or even health risks, but you probably don’t know the first thing about how to address pests that are entrenched inside your home or in your yard. 

That’s where Pacific Pest Management comes in. We make the process simple and affordable by working with homeowners to craft the best home pest control plan in Loyola. Here’s what we point to for why local property owners should partner with us for pest protection: 

  • Free estimates: By answering a few questions online or over the phone, we provide you with a free estimate of what our services will cost for your property. 
  • Interior and exterior treatments: We always treat the entire exterior of a home because this provides a shield against invasive pests. We treat the interior if pests have invaded.
  • Ongoing services: We recommend more than one-time services to ensure pests are kept out all year long. Even the most effective treatments lose effectiveness after months, which is why our monthly and bi-monthly service visits offer the best protection.

Protect your Loyola home with pest control from Pacific Pest Management.

Commercial Pest Control In Loyola

Pests can cause big problems for businesses, too. In fact, commercial properties have an even higher risk of infestation than homes do because extra human activity every day means more factors that attract invasive pests. Not only are pests gross and harmful to your reputation in local communities but the property damage and health issues a pest problem can lead to will just wind up costing you money down the road.

Loyola businesses should partner with Pacific Pest Management to keep pests out and make sure they are insulated from the larger problems they cause. Here are some of the kinds of properties we help: 

  • Office buildings: Office complexes tend to also contain a food service space or two. Offices also have storage space and lots of square footage of utility areas like vents and plumbing that attract pests looking for hiding places. 
  • Retail spaces: Even non-food service retail can run the risk of pests. Some feed on linens or root through the trash for scraps thrown away by employees and customers.  
  • Warehouses: Industrial storage sites can be habitable for pests looking to use the shelves, boxes, corners, and HVAC systems to nest inside. 

Whether you own one of these kinds of businesses or something else entirely, Pacific Pest Management is here to help. Contact us today to get started on commercial pest control in Loyola.

Why Home Buyers And Sellers In Loyola Need Professional WDI Reports

A home is the most important investment you’ll make. Whether you’re buying or selling, you want the value of that property to go up, not down. Nothing hurts the value of a home more than termites, which cause pervasive damage and can even lead to structural hazards. 

This is why some areas actually require home sellers to hire professionals for wood-destroying insect inspections and reports, assuring any prospective buyers that there aren’t unseen dangers hiding within the walls or below the soil. 

At Pacific Pest Management, we conduct WDI reports for new homes and ones that are re-entering the market. We don’t just check for insects themselves, but also evidence of their activity or vulnerabilities around a home that might put it at a higher risk of termites. 

Get termite inspections and check for other kinds of destructive organisms on your Loyola property by contacting Pacific Pest Management right away. 

How To Avoid Fungus Growth In Your Loyola Home

Pests aren’t the only kind of organisms that can threaten your home and damage your property. Invasive fungi and mold are also problematic and can even harm your health. Not only are these problems in and of themselves, but the damage fungus can cause around your structure can also increase your risk of pests, as they take advantage of new access points created by these invasive organisms. 

The wood-destroying organism inspections we conduct at Pacific Pest Management include dry rot and fungal growth. We evaluate whether the damage can be repaired or if a full replacement is necessary. If the problem can be fixed, we offer repairs with our services that make sure these problem areas never turn into larger issues. 

Get fungus control in Loyola from Pacific Pest Management by contacting us for an inspection of your home today.

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This is hands-down the only place to use for termite extermination. Minh and his partner quickly tracked down the source of the termites and treated the affected areas. He was very thorough, professional, fast, and reliable.

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