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Santa Clara, CA Pest Control

Pest Control In Santa Clara, California

Santa Clara is located right in the middle of Silicon Valley. With Silicon Valley being known for its tech companies, you can expect many transplants relocating to this technical city for job opportunities, as it is the headquarters of major companies.

Such growth and transition in the area have led to numerous housing developments. While the growth of Santa Clara is a good thing and an even better move for the economy, it does have its challenges. One of those challenges happens to be the pests in the area.

The building of new housing and business developments forces rodents and pests to find new homes. Unfortunately, that sometimes means that those displaced pests make a home out of your home or business.

Fortunately, the residents of Santa Clara have Pacific Pest Management. We’ve been serving residents for more than 17 years in the pest control industry and will proudly continue to serve as your top-rated Santa Clara county pest control.

Residential Pest Control In Santa Clara

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Home is where the heart is, and your home is supposed to be the one place where you can feel safe. However, the pests of Santa Clara think otherwise. With the location of your home, you’re going to experience every different type of pest: the nuisance, destructive, and dangerous pests.

The nuisance pests are the ones that drive you nuts, like flies buzzing in your ears or crawling all over your food. Destructive pests are the ones that have the physical makeup to bore through the wood structures of your home, like termites. Lastly, dangerous pests are vectors of diseases and bacteria like cockroaches and mosquitoes. Similarly, insects that sting or bite are also harmful as well.

All of the different types of pests listed are native to the area, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in harmony with them. Whether cockroaches take over your home when you’re sleeping or if bed bugs have infested your home and feed on your body while you’re sleeping, these pests don’t belong in your home.

At Pacific Pest Management, when pests enter your home, it becomes our responsibility to safely and effectively get them out. To get started, all you have to do is call and get started on our effective home pest control services.

Commercial Pest Control In Santa Clara

Whether you’re the owner of a tech company or a ‘mom and pop' business, pests are simply bad for business. Pests have the potential to threaten the health and safety of your employees and customers. There’s an extremely high risk of property damage to things like computers, drywall, and even wiring within the walls of the building, depending on the types of pests wreaking havoc on your structure.

The sight of a single cockroach in your business can ruin your business reputation. You risk exposing your employees and customers to diseases like salmonellosis, giardia, and cholera. A cockroach infestation would be unacceptable if your business is food-related. If you own an office building and cockroaches scurry out, the outcome would be equally as bad.

The good news is that at Pacific Pest Management, we are experienced exterminators and have the perfect treatment for any size property regardless of the type of pest infesting your business.

However, the main takeaway is remembering that pests aren’t just here today and gone tomorrow. Granted, you may get some seasonal invaders from time to time, but for the most part, you can expect the majority of the common pests to be here year-round. That’s why opting for our re-occurring commercial pest control services is something to consider.

An Effective Rodent Control Guide For Santa Clara Property Owners

From your living room or kitchen window, seeing a few mice and squirrels in your yard may look cute. However, once you look out those same windows and see 15 squirrels and ten mice in your yard, your yard goes from cute to infested. And believe it or not, this type of sighting happens more often than you think.

However, why do you see rodent infestation in your yard? It could be many things that are attracting them. For example, if you have barbecue grills, bird feeders, fruit trees, and pet food and water bowls in your yard, that’s an obvious sign as to why they’re so attracted to your property.

Once you know why rodents are on your property, the next step is to get them off your property. Here are a few ways to consider:

  • Seal points of entry
  • Consider getting a cat
  • Have perimeter fencing installed
  • Keep outdoor areas free from food or food debris
  • Keep lids on trash cans secure

 These are all great and effective ways to reduce the rodent population in your home, but you must first have your home treated for rodents to get rid of the infestation first. Give Pacific Pest Management a call to set up your initial rodent control service.

Why You Should Be Worried About Surface Fungus Damage In Your Santa Clara Home

When it comes to mold and mildew, most people only associate it with bathtubs, showers, and sinks simply because common household cleaners promote it like that. But little do many know that mold and mildew can be found anywhere in the home.

You’ve probably seen a little of both mold and mildew in your home at some point but might not have been sure which was which. But both do have distinctive differences in size, texture, and color.

Mildew is a surface fungi that can be gray or white on a moist area and treated with store cleaners. However, mold can be black or green in color and appear to have a fuzzy or slimy texture, especially when seen on food.

Because you live in Santa Clara, the weather is warm, and you’re not too far from large bodies of water, you may have moisture issues in your home and not even realize it. Moisture and warm temperatures are the very conducive conditions that both forms of fungi thrive in most.

If you suspect you may have a mold or mildew problem in your home, it’s crucial that you get your home inspected as soon as possible. Both forms of fungi can trigger allergies and negatively impact your overall health. Give Pacific Pest Management a call to schedule your fungus removal inspection.

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