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How To Keep Rodents Away From Your San Mateo Property

Have you noticed any rodents roaming around your property? Do any of your possessions have tiny toothmarks or scratches on them? If you have seen any of these signs, there's a high chance you have rodents infesting your property. 

The presence of sneaky rodents on your property is something you should avoid at all costs. Businesses need to be rodent-free because these critters can cause significant property damage and leave customers dissatisfied and repulsed. If you have a rodent problem in your San Mateo property, hiring a professional pest control company to handle the work can guarantee that your property will be free of pests quickly.

Don't let rodents take over your property. Contact only the best pest control in San Mateo; Pacific Pest Management.

How To Identify Common Types Of Rodents In San Mateo

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The term "rodent" refers to a wide range of mammals with large front teeth and smaller side teeth used for chewing. Particularly in the state of California, there are many different species. Many reside in or close to urban areas, while others call the wilderness their home. They are a nuisance because they consume crops and gardens, cause damage to lawns and structures, and even steal food supplies. These pests aren't pests until they enter any part of your living space. When they're not invading your space, they're simply wild animals.

Rodents play a vital role in our ecosystem and environment as they are essential because they help spread and eat seeds and spores, cycle energy and nutrients, pollinate plants, change plant succession and species composition, and feed predators. Some species also give us food and fur that we can use. Yet, we often find them in our homes. 

If the reason behind rodents entering your home perplexes you, there are many reasons why they tend to venture indoors. But the first thing to understand is the types of rodents you're dealing with in San Mateo. Here is a list of common rodents you'll likely find invading your home:

  • Roof rats: Roof rats usually live in groups called colonies. They like to nest in the tops of buildings or trees. Roof rats referred to as "ship rats" or "black rats" is because they are dark and can swim exceptionally well. In the past, roof rats and the fleas they carry were the cause of the bubonic plague. Though it doesn't happen often, roof rats can also spread harmful diseases like jaundice, typhus, and trichinosis.

  • House mice: Mice usually make their homes in dark, quiet places inside buildings. They are great climbers and can jump up to a foot high, which lets them get to areas that are far away or alone. Mice can damage your home by eating through things like drywall and insulation. They also start fires by chewing on electrical wires inside homes. Mice in the house can also harm your health by contaminating stored food and spreading diseases like salmonella. Mice can squeeze through holes that are as small as a dime. Even though they can't see colors and have poor eyesight, they compensate for it with their other senses.

  • Norway rats: Norway rats are primarily active at night and often dig tunnels in garbage piles or under concrete slabs. This species usually moves into homes in the fall, when food sources outside become scarce. Once inside, they typically nest in crawl spaces, basements, and other places where they won't be disturbed. Norway rats can damage property by chewing through plastic and lead pipes. They can also spread diseases like cowpox, bubonic plague, rat-bite fever, and jaundice. They can also bring fleas and mites into your home as well. 

If you think you have a rodent problem or find one, call Pacific Pest Management for help. These common rodents reproduce rapidly and can be dangerous to your home and family. Eliminating them is not a DIY job. Check out our rodent pest library to learn more about the different types of rodents.

Rodents Spread Disease And Damage Property

When it comes to the damage caused by rats and mice, they aren't exactly quiet pests, as they can make quite a big mess. Rats' front teeth never stop growing, so they are constantly chewing. Wires are one of the most dangerous things for rats to chew on, and chewed wires can cause fires. Rats and mice will also shred any material to make nests. If you've had a rodent problem for a long time, you can be sure there will be a lot of damage and cleaning after their removal.

If there are too many rodents in your home, you should worry most about the diseases they might spread. These diseases can cause mild to severe symptoms. They can be spread directly from person to person or indirectly through fleas and ticks. If you think you've been in contact with rodents and are having symptoms, it's important always to see a doctor. Some of the most harmful diseases that rodents can spread are:

  • Hantavirus: Hantavirus is in the urine and poop of deer mice. It can cause fever, chills, aches, and pains. If it gets worse or goes untreated, it can cause shortness of breath and kidney failure. 

  • Salmonella: When rats and mice walk across surfaces, they spread dirt and germs to other places where food is. Salmonella often called "food poisoning," can cause severe stomach cramps, nausea, and even death.

  • Lyme disease: Lyme disease spreads by ticks, which rats and mice often carry and is dangerous and can damage your health in the long run.

If you find rodents in your home, get rid of them as soon as possible. Even after an infestation, rodents still pose many risks, so hiring rat or mice exterminators is essential. At Pacific Pest Management, we have over 17 years of experience that allow us to eliminate current rodent infestations and stop new ones from forming.

Five Effective Tips To Prevent Rodents On Your Property

As the temperatures begin to drop in the fall and winter, we have compiled a list of five easy tips that you can quickly put into practice to help protect your home from rodent infestations:

  1. Eliminate all access to water sources: This requires thoroughly inspecting the gutters and ensuring they are free of any debris that may have accumulated there and that water can pass through them without any obstructions. Don't leave bird baths on the property; wading pools should be emptied thoroughly after use. Last but not least, fix any leaking outdoor faucets or hoses. After feeding your pet, you should always put their food away and never leave their food or water bowls out overnight.

  2. Take down any feeders on your property for birds or other wild animals: Outside your house, you need to keep your garbage in cans with lids that can be securely closed. Take down any feeders placed for wild animals on your property, and pick up any uneaten pet food between meals. In addition, picking up any fruits and vegetables that may have fallen to the ground in garden areas and the surrounding areas is essential. The compost piles need protection against all rodents getting in and eating the compost.

  3. Install screening over chimney openings and attic vents: Repair any loose mortar around the chimney and install screening on the opening and the attic vents. It is advantageous to replace worn or damaged weatherstripping.

  4. Examine the exterior of your property for potential entry points: Use silicone caulk to seal any cracks or crevices, paying particular attention to the areas where utility pipes enter the structure.

  5. Fill gaps and holes: Because rats can enter homes through holes the size of a quarter and mice can enter homes through holes the size of a dime, homeowners should fill holes and gaps in and outside their homes with pieces of steel wool. Because rodents cannot chew through this material, this deters them from entering your property.

Even if you can't change everything that makes rodents want to live in your San Mateo home, you can still keep them out with help from Pacific Pest Management. We're the most trusted company in San Mateo for rodent control. You can trust us with rodent infestations of any size.

Contact The Pros For The Most Effective Rodent Control

Pest problems caused by rodents happen all year long. Being proactive about rodent control will make a big difference in your quality of life by eliminating a potential problem before it starts. Contact Pacific Pest Management to get rid of the pests you already have, set up a protective barrier around your home, and maintain regular treatments.

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